Why I chose the name WaaWees (WAA-WEEZ). When I was younger I couldn't say my name "Whitney Marie" so I would call myself WaaWaaWee. Baby Whit loved jewelry and she would be so proud to know that she named this company.


I founded this company because jewelry has always been a big part of my life. In college, I crafted hand-made pieces out of my dorm & shipped them domestically. However, I always dreamed bigger. I am now making those dreams a reality through WaaWees. WaaWees is unique because sustainability is a priority. I have worked to bring Sterling Silver jewelry to the market at an affordable price. It is my mission to not only bring sustainability but to bring an experience to every customer. WaaWees is more than just a jewelry company. It's a dream that came true - and I hope this company inspires others to chase their dreams in honor of their younger self.